Renewable Energy
it is what it is.

Current Projects

Natural Gas

Itcoworld, USA is a natural gas broker for producers, and customers looking for low cost, reliable natural gas for their business operations.  Itcoworld, USA has been in business for 20 years supplying customers in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Maryland.  Currently the company is growing to include Biogas, Wind Energy, and other renewable fuels to their product inventory.  For quotes, or additional information use the website contact information directory.

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Natural gas fuel is the best solution. It’s cleaner and cheaper than diesel or gasoline — and it’s domestic and abundant. You can reduce costs, your carbon footprint and foreign oil dependence all while using America’s plentiful energy resource, Natural Gas.

Natural Energy, LLC is capable of working with you the investor, or company, to combine our 30 years of expertise in the field of energy, entrepreneurial, financial investment and consulting. We believe this is the time to move forward in the alternative energy field and not only is the climate right, but the technology, governmental sectors, utility companies, private sectors, and communities are all going in the same direction. Our connections with the government sectors and utility companies, as well as financial investors, enables us to find you the connecting resources you need to begin or complete your project, whatever that may be.

Power Plant

Natural Fuel Of The Future Biogas has become a viable source of power for business, and individual heating, and fuel requirements.  Several developments throughout the United States are capturing animal, vegetable, land fill, algae, biomass to create pipeline, and utility quality natural gas supplies.  Above is one example of a project proforma.  Itcoworld-USA will provide proforma and project analysis for your project.  Contact us through the Website contact information.



Geothermal Turbine Itcoworld- USA has recently begun development of a geothermal project in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  The project is using the natural hot springs origins approximately 2,000 ft deep with temperatures exceeding 280 degrees F.  A brief synopsis of the project is attached as a sample review.  As a project coordinator, Itcoworld – USA will provide hydrologists, drilling companies, turbine suppliers, and assistance with Utility power negotiations to convert nature‘s natural resource of steam heat to electric power for home or business.  For additional information contact the Web information provided.