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Natural Energy, LLC is capable of working with you the investor, or company, to combine our 30 years of expertise in the field of energy, entrepreneurial, financial investment and consulting. We believe this is the time to move forward in the alternative energy field and not only is the climate right, but the technology, governmental sectors, utility companies, private sectors, and communities are all going in the same direction. These are times that we can all make a difference and make a great change to how we generate energy. Natural Energy, LLC has all the tools to make it happen for you whether you are in the field of developing a wind farm, manufacturing turbines, or as an investor. Whoever you are in the alternative energy field, we have the keys to advance your project or to connect you to the resources you need to help you succeed. Our connections with the government sectors and utility companies, as well as financial investors, enables us to find you the connecting resources you need to begin or complete your project, whatever that may be.

*Top Energy News Stories

China 's A-Power to Build U.S. Wind Turbine Factory (NY Times)

Federal and State Funding Programs

(Wall Street Journal)

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Wind Energy Projects:
Natural Energy Stoney Corners


Assesment Services Offered
Wind Studies of Area
Turbine Selection
Installation Analysis
Resale Markets
Tax Benefits
Payback/Cash Flow Analysis

Current Projects
South Carolina
Eureka, Nevada New! Google Earth Fly Over Video
Costa Rica
Oil Fields


Wind Energy Companies for
Natural Energy Projects

Turbine Manufacturers
Demmer Corp.
Furlander Turbines
American Zephyr Corp.
General Electric

National Installations by Kempo Corp

Authorized Banks
Goldman Sachs Finance
Deutsch Bank
Chase Bank
Taverse City Bank
GE Credit




Energy Sales

Natural Gas

Ethanol / LNG

Commodities Trading



Small Business and
Personal Wind Energy Generation

Energy Products

  • Turbines
  • Wind Generators
  • Co Generation
  • Solar Panels
  • Energy Equipment



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